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Top 11 work for making money online || Online earning works in Pakistan

 Top 11 work for making money online || Online earning works in Pakistan 

Hello my friends how are you all i hope you are all well. Today I have brought you a new article for the public of  Advance Tips 4 Tricks. Inshallah today I am going to share with you eleven ways to make money online you can earn money from this method if you are living in India or if you are living in Pakistan. This is the true method I am going to tell you today with 100% guarantee and you can also earn good amount of money from them. There are legal methods, there is no deception, you can get every person guaranteeing of these works. If you choose one of these eleven jobs, you will definitely be able to earn money online. 

What are these methods? I will tell you all the details in this article today.

So let's start with online earning. As you all know that the situation today is such that we can't go out and do any work, even if we go out to work, we will always be at risk of disease. And everyone wants me to be able to earn money online from home And He wants  to do something that they will easily earn thirty-five, forty, or fifty thousand per months. If you make good use of any of these methods, you can make over a lakh from this method per month. This method I am going to tell you today is 100% legal in Pakistan and many people are earning money from these methods. So let's start. 

Top 11 works in Pakistan for online earning 

1. YouTube

As you all know YouTube is a platform for online earning you have to create a channel And then you have to upload videos on it When you have one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours watch time is complete Once that happens, you will your YouTube channel will be monetized. Then your videos will start running ads And you get paid for these ads and you will start earning online. A lot of people in Pakistan use YouTube only for entertainment and a lot of people use it For online earning. 

2. Freelancing

Freelancing has become very popular in Pakistan in the last three or four years. The reason for this is that since the Digiskill have tried to start freelancing courses in Pakistan Lever. And are given awareness to the people in the Universities, colleges, schools, and then a lot of people are earning online with freelancing. People are making a lot of money from freelancing. What happens in freelancing is that you can sell online your skills like Editing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Graphic Designing Programming etc add make money from it. 

3. Blogging 

People you know that a lot of people in Pakistan do and generate a good income from it. This is a great field for making money online, but you need to know how to build a website, how a website works, how to write article,  how to do SEO of websites, how to rank your website in Google. If you have the knowledge, you will surely succeed in blogging. In Blogging you have to create a website and you have to write articles on it then you have to get approved for your website from Google AdSense. And then they will run ads on your website and you get paid for it. 

4. Drop shipping 

In DropShipping, it is a matter of picking up an item from one place to another and sell it and take profit from the middle. This process is called DropShipping. Through Shopify people in Pakistan are earning a lot from this process. And this process is 100% legal in Pakistan.

5. App building or Mobile Apps

Many people in Pakistan are earning good money online by creating mobile apps. All you have to do is to create and upload your application on the Google Play Store or on App Store. And then when people start downloading more and more your applications, your App starts showing ads and you will make money from it. A lot of people in Pakistan are making a lot of money by making apps. 

6. Affiliate marketing 

In affiliate marketing you have to write a article of a product and then you have to give a product link related to article. Then if the products will sell form your article you will get commission from this product. There is no lift in this job. The more products you sell, the more commission you will get. While living in Pakistan, you can earn 100% Legal money with the help of Affiliate Marketing.

7. E commers 

In E commers you guys have to open your own store online. For example if  you have a shop you can sell these shop products online throw your E-commerce website. As you all know that there is a lot of trend of online shopping in Pakistan so you can also open your own shop online Start selling  your products online. 

8. Online Tutor

You can make money online from Online Tutor if you have a lot of information about any thing. You can use it to educate others and make good money from it. 

9. Influncer

You can Become a influncer now by doing unique work or providing information to people on Tiktok. Either you guys get famous on Instagram or on Facebook Either you get famous on YouTube or you have a website you have to get famous. When you Become a famous influncer you will get sponsorship from the brands. You will earn a good amount of money through sponsorship. 

10. Selling photos Or videos online 

You can also make money by selling videos and photos online. If you are interested in photography or videography so you can sell these pictures and videos on the shutterstock or on my getty images and earn a good amount of money.

11. Online domain or hosting selling 

You can also earn a lot of good money by selling online domains and hosting.  

A domain you have to buy in $20 you can sale this domain in 200 to 300 dollars on from your website. 

I hope you like my today and if you like it, please share it with your friends. Thanks. 

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