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How to earn money from mobile in 2021 || Earn money from mobile phone in 2021

How to earn money from mobile in 2021 || Earn money from mobile phone in 2021

Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well for the public of Advanced tips 4 tricks I come with a new article.

Inshallah today I will tell you how many online money making jobs you can do with mobile. And how much money can you make from it? A lot of people ask if I have a mobile and I don't have a computer, can I make money using my mobile? So this article is for those who use mobile more and despite having computer. Here's how to use your mobile to make money today in this article. 

So let's start talking about online earning using mobile. Because in today's world people mostly use mobile phones Compared to computer. So many people complain that we don't have a computer, we have a mega mobile, can we make money online using the mobile? So yes my brother you can also earn online money by using mobile. 

You can make money with Freelancing Throw Mobile. So freelancing what services you can provide, so today I am going to tell you. Today I am going to tell you that there is a lot of freelancing service that you have to do so that you can do earn money from your mobile.

So let's get started.

1. Video Editing 

If you know how to do good video editing, you can do professional video editing by using mobile. You will find a lot of software in mobile that allows you to do good video editing such as Kine Master Pro, Filmora video editing, and In  short etc and many more software are available for video editing you can used. There are also paid versions that software you can use.  You can also use its paid version when you start earning money online. By using all these apps on mobile you can do professional video editing and earn good amount money online. 

2. Graphic Designing 

Graphic designing is one such work In which you can easily do graphic designing using 90% on mobile. You can use canva app for professional graphic designing on your mobile. You can also use footer app for graphic designing. And the Pixel lab is an app that you can install and do all the graphic design work. Now I will tell you what you can do in graphics: 

1. Number one you can design a wedding card

2. You can design invitation cards with the help of Graphic Designing.

3. You can design thumbnails for YouTube videos 

4. You can design cover photo for Face book 

5. You can design banner Ads for YouTube. 

6.  You can design all social media cover photos like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc  design with graphic designing

7. You guys can design a CV

There is a lot more work in graphic designing. If you search on Google, you will find it. 

3. Convert one File to Another File

The third freelancing service I have is to convert one file to another File. 

Like PDF to word, word to PDF, Word to excel, Video to Audio etc. Whether you can do it through apps or you can do it on Google Chrome and online from a website. You can easily do this using your mobile. 

4. Writing 

You can also earn a lot of good money through writing. With mobile, you just have to write different articles on different topics and you have to provide your service on Fiver or People per hour and then people contact with you  If necessary, he can contact you and write his article and take money from it. 

5. Photo Editing 

Photo editing is a freelancing topic that is very popular these days Because everyone wants my photos to look their best. You can do photo editing in mobile. You have to install the application from Lightroom or Snapseed app. You can do good photo editing in your mobile. If you wish, you can also find a copy division of these apps when your start earnings. Other than that, there are many photo editing apps in which you can go and do professional photo editing. You can also do this work online on a website in Google Chrome. 

6. Social media management 

In it, you can run another person's Facebook page or Instagram account, etc., which are social media accounts, you can handle them.

7. Voice over 

Just like I am writing, you can sell your voice to others by recording your voice in your mobile recorder. And variously it also comes with in offline apps that you can easily install and use from the Play Store. You can also offer this service to people on Fiver or People per hour. 

8. Virtual assistant

 you can also do with visual assistant job by living with others. You have to do small things in it, you can do it on your mobile. 

In addition, there are thousands of jobs that I will gradually give to you people through articles, and I will also upload a full course for you people. Gradually, it was to benefit for you and start your online earning fastly. 

I hope you enjoyed today's article If you like my article, please don't forget to share it with your friends who want to earn money online at home.

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