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Best ways to earn money from Amazon || How to earn money from Amazon in 2021

 Best ways to earn money from Amazon || How to earn money from Amazon in 2021

Hi friends how are you hope you will all are fine today for the public of Advanced tips 4 tricks I bring up a new article.

Today in this article I am going to tell you that how you can earn money from Amazon if you live in Pakistan.

A new trend has started in Pakistan that everyone wants to start earnings from Amazon. So today I am going to tell you a lot of things related to Amazon in this article. 

So let's get started.

What is Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping website  from where you can order online things which will deliver to your home.  Amazon is an eCommerce website it's is just like a shop but is online shop. Just like you go to a store and buy and sell from there, Amazon is an online store, you can also buy and sell from there. Amazon also has exactly the same things that we buy offline from stores. 

Now I will tell you some alternative of Amazon

1. Daraz 

2. Ali baba

3. Ali express

4. E bay 


There is a lot of trend in Pakistan related to Amazon nowadays but you can also visit or use Draz.pk for shopping and selling in Pakistan.

daraz.pk is an best alternative in Pakistan because all the traffic on this website is just from Pakistan so if you want to sell or buy something from Pakistan you can use this website. 

Daraz is a small website where the only Pakistani people sell and buy things. And from amazon people buy and sale products from all around the world. 

If you want to work on Amazon, you need to invest in it. But on the other hand you have to 15000 to 20000 on  daraz and you can run a good story on it in Pakistan.  if you are a beginner I will prefer you to first work on the daraz.pk some time and when you are expert on selling things on daraz you will have to start your business on Amazon.  you have to start from beginner level and then you go to the advanced in this business.  if your basics education  is a strong you can definitely successful on Amazon also.  if you have to make account on the daraz you have to go on the Google and write seller account on the daraz  you have to provide some informations about yourself and you can easily make account on the daraz. 

There are too many works you can start on Amazon.

1. Camper Force

2. Mechanical Turk

3. Amazon Flex

4. Amazon Dropshipping

5. Merch by Amazon

6. Amazon Handmade

7. Work from Home

1. Camper Force

This is a very great earning method for those people who owns an RV. Amazon Camper Force is program for those people who want to earn in to some Season.

Form this services you can earn a good amount like 550$ from per camp site.

2. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a great service for those people who want to work part-time and make some money for it.

It is a great service for those who want to earn some extra money in there free time. The purpose of this service is that to complete work faster by cutting down it into some micro tasks. 

This service is very simple to join you have to create a worker account and fill  fill the form which ask about yourself some information.

3. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex program is a best program for drivers who want to make money. If you have a car you can earn  a good amount of money Amazon with zero investment form Amazon Flex service. You can select the working hours for yourself In which time you have to work on it, and you just have to sent deliveries to those people who ordered products form Amazon. And you can earn up to 20$ to 25$ per hour through this program. 

4. Amazon Dropshipping

You can earn a good amount of money through Amazon dropshipping. You can start this business from zero investment. Many people relates Amazon dropshipping with Amazon FBA friends thats both are not the same Busniss. 

In drop shipping you have to pick up the goods from one place to another and take commission from the owner of the product. You can first start dropshipping on daraz and when you expert in dropshipping you can start this business on Amazon. 

5. Merch by Amazon

This is a best earning service for the designers.  in this business you have to make an account on Amazon and you have to upload pictures about the T shirts, Jeans, pants, hoodies, etc and other clothes you want to sale.and you can earn a good amount of money through commission on every sale. 

How to join the Merch by Amazon:

I am going to tell you in some easy steps. 

First you have to Sign up on Merch by Amazon and create some design on any merchandise you want to upload 

Second you have to Upload the design on any merchandise you have created. 

Third you have to select the color of your merch you have created and write a good product description. 

There are some multiple application available on The playstore or on App Store you can use it for designing. 

6. Amazon Handmade

Amazon handmade is a great service for creative people who want to earn  earn from the world’s biggest online store Amazon.

This is an great way to earn money but this is only for genuine artists or people who are really making creative thinks because in this services you have to gave a assurity to Amazon for credibility of the seller.

7. Work from Home 

Work from home is a type of freelancing opportunity that offers by Amazon. You have to provide your skill in the form of service to others. 

You can do SEO,  Digital Marketing,  3D character Modeling.  In this work you can earn a huge amount of money by providing this services. But you have to invest time and money to learn this skills. 

So these are all methods you can earn a good amount of money through by using Amazon. 

Hope you like this article if you like this article please don't forget to share this article with your friends.


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