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Best business ideas for students in 2021 || Best works for students for earning money in 2021

Best business ideas for students in 2021 || Best ways for students to earning money online in 2021 

Hi friends how are you hope you will all are fine today for the public of Advanced tips for tricks I bring up a new article for you.

In this article today I am going to tell you some best business ideas for students. In student life money is very much important and every student wants to earn money in their student life and college life So that they can bear all there own expenses. There are too many students in our surroundings that if they don't do part time jobs in their student life they cannot afford there expensive. They have to work some where to pears their all expenses like their school fees their hostel fees and their tuition fees etc. Thinking about such student life shows that money is very important in student and in college life too. So today's in this article I am going to tell you some business or some works ideas you can do part time to earn some money for your expensive.

First of all I am going to tell you which works you should not do in your student life.

1.  You should never waste your time.

2. You don't have to do these types of business which are giving bellow if you are a student in Don't do Any kind of meaning marketing business, chit fund business, chain business.

You don't have to invest your money in any kinds of website or in social media apps etc. There are many apps and websites present in the Play Store which tells you that if you invest 1500 rupees they will give you 500 rupees daily these are all frauds don't waste your money by investing it in these ways.

3. You never have to work in a place where you are asked to pay registration fees, security fees and a lot of other fees. People who really give you work and don't ask for money add the people who ask for money first they didn't give you any work. So you guys stay away from such business. 

Now let's talk about some businesses that students will do in their student life and afford their all expenses easily. 

1. Scholarship 

If you pass your metric exam and your entrance exam and your graduation with good marks you definitely have to apply for scholarships programs.

 a lot of scholarships applications are available on the Google you just have to search and find with some scholarship programs and apply for it if you will get it a good marks in it you will not have to do any job. This means that if you are very good at studying, you don't have to take tension of make money you will easily afford their all expensive with the scholarship money.

2.  Teaching/Tutor

 if you are a student and you are  good in some subjects like you are good in mathematics you Can teach other children, you don't have to go and find children you can find some childrens around your house and around your hostel. There are too many students in the world which are making a good amount of money by just teaching other students in their free time and with this money they afford their all expensive with this methods. 

3. Start a YouTube channel 


If you are good in anything and you have a skill to teach others you can definitely have to start a YouTube channel and start making videos related to your information. For example if you are good in cooking you can start a cooking channel and if you are good in technology you can start a technological channel and if you are good in studies you can start teaching others through YouTube etc and there are too much other options you can start your YouTube channel and after sometime you can earn a good amount of money through your YouTube channel.

4. Create a Facebook page 

You can also start our Facebook page and earn a good amount of money through it. Just like YouTube you have to upload videos on it and after your page monetization you can start your earnings through Facebook page. if you don't want to make videos for Facebook page you can also use your YouTube videos and upload it to your Facebook page crows is your Facebook page will also crows and your YouTube channel will also grows fastly and you will start earning through YouTube or through Facebook page.

5. Earn by writting articles 

If your English is good and you love to write English articles you can also make money through writing articles. you can earn money by article writing also you just have to write an article and sale it to others you can earn a good amount of money through this method and the second method is you can make your own website and upload your articles on it and you can earn after Google AdSense approval through your website. a many people in the world is making money by just writing articles on different topics you can also start writing article and earn a good amount of money through it.

6. Sell your notes 

In this work you can sell your notes to your juniors class students. A lot of  students are earning a good amount of money through by just selling their notes to their juniors. Instead of selling your notes in scrap, you can sell them to your juniors graders students. You can also sell you are not online and offline.

So that's all for the article hope you guys like this article if you like this article please share it with your friends who want to earn some money in their student life. Thanks 

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