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WhatsAap 2021 privacy policy detail || WhatsAap is syping us || Best alternative of WhatsAap in 2021

WhatsAap 2021 privacy policy detail || WhatsAap is syping us  || Best alternative of WhatsAap in 2021 

Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well. Here i come with another new article for the public of Advance tips 4 tricks. Inshallah, in this article today, we will discuss about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp of 2021. There is a trend on social media that everyone is saying what I do, what will happen, if you don't accept this WhatsApp privacy policy, then your WhatsApp account will be shut down on February 10. What is this issue and what should you do in it Today i will tell you all about this. So let's talk about the privacy policy of WhatsApp, which may have come to all WhatsApp users two or three days ago. After this message came, everyone was worried that now WhatsApp will collect all our data but This is a very normal message because WhatsApp is already looking at our messages or data. But the main  point about this WhatsApp privacy policy is that if you don't accept this privacy policy of whatsaap, your WhatsApp will be banned or stop working on February 10. The biggest problem is not about the new privacy policy of whatsaap, the problem is that a lot of people have not agree the whatsaap privacy policy yet. They are thinking that if our livelihood is going on now, then it will go on, but after February 10, your account should be deleted from the whatsaap.

Privacy policy of WhatsAap 2021

Now, first of all, let me clarify that what data WhatsApp was collecting from you before this new 2021 privacy policy And what is going to happen now that people are upset about?

People are saying that delete whatsapp, uninstall whatsapp, make to use the alternate of the whatsaap. 

WhatsAap privacy policy Tips

Now let's talk about which WhatsApp is  already collecting data from us.

1. Phone Model 

First of all, your phone models, which company has the phone you have, whatsaap has all the details, 

2. Chipset 

which chipset is running inside your phone,

3. Android 

which Android is running, 

4. OS

which OS is running or someone else is using your phone etc, 

5. Battery status 

WhatsApp is also monitoring your battery status, 

6. Your network 

WhatsApp is also monitoring your network strength of your network  add which package you are running on your sim card.

7. Time zone 

WhatsApp is also checking your time zone to see in which country you are currently using WhatsApp.

8. IP address 

With the help of IP address, WhatsApp knows your location. Even if you don't open your phone's location, WhatsApp will still know your location with the help of IP address. It is easy to know with the help of IP address where you are currently using WhatsApp, in the village, or which city, you are traveling, what you are sitting on. This is what the WhatsApp monitoring. 

9. Whatsaap usage 

After that, how many times did you use WhatsApp in a day? And why are you guys are using WhatsApp and why are you on standby? All this your date is already monitoring by WhatsApp.

10. Payment and Transaction history

WhatsApp is also monitoring your payment and transaction history.

11.  Status upload

WhatsApp also keeps track of which status video you are uploading and why.

12. Profile picture 

WhatsApp also looks after the profile picture you upload to WhatsApp.

13. Groups or Group massages

WhatsApp is also keeping an eye on  your all WhatsApp group. That which type of WhatsApp group you join.

WhatsAap 2021 privacy policy detail || WhatsAap is syping us || Best alternative of WhatsAap in 2021


So this type of Detail WhatsApp is All Ready is already collecting from you.

Now you guys don't have to worry because WhatsApp All Ready already has your data. And they are selling to other. WhatsAap just collecting your data to see what the things you are interested in, what does you want, what  does you wants to wears etc and then WhatsAap shares your data with Facebook and then Facebook shows you ads which is related to it. 

WhatsApp is a law for people within Europe who are under 16 years of age and if someone is out of Europe then 13 year olds can use WhatsApp but Pakistan has no such law. But In Pakistan, a child who knows how to use mobile would first install the WhatsApp from the Play store or from App Store. Every child in Pakistan uses WhatsApp because there is no age limit to use WhatsApp. Just a message arrives on your number and you become a verified customer of whatsApp. 

WhatsApp already sealing your data to Facebook And Facebook is already leak people's information. You'll also know how many have case on Facebook and how many times have already facebook been fined.

What option do you have now, brother, to leave the WhatsApp, or not this is your decision but still if you want to chatting with your friends you have too much other Whatsaap Best alternatives to use like Telegram, IMO, Viber, messenger, line, etc 

If you want to use WhatsApp now, go first and aggregate your WhatsApp privacy policy and if you don't want to use WhatsApp, I have already given you a lot of alternatives of WhatsApp. 

This is another big issue of WhatsApp now that they have said that we can banned you at any time without telling you. And they also said that if you use the wrong WhatsApp, you do the wrong thing, you do the wrong chatting on the WhatsApp, or we get something like that, then your WhatsApp account will be blocked. You will not be given any notification as to why your WhatsApp has been banned and it will not be explained. 

I hope you enjoyed today's article. And I hope your mind must have been a little bit clear that we have been providing all our information to WhatsApp from the very beginning, so what is the use of decrypting this policy of WhatsApp? Now what we have left to not give to WhatsApp. If you don't like the simple WhatsApp, you can uninstall it and use WhatsApp alternatives. 


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