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Top 6 Demanding freelancing skills in 2021 || Top demanding skills in Pakistan

 Top 6 Demanding freelancing skills in 2021

Hi friends how are you hope you will all are fine today for the public of Advanced tips 4 tricks I bring a new article.

In today's article I will tell you about Top 6 demand freelancing skills. Which you can easily learn if you want to earn money online through freelancing. If you learn one of these freelancing skills, you can easily earn upto 50000 rupees per month. No one can stop you from earning money online if you can master one of the tasks I have mentioned In this article. What are these skills and where do you have to learn from them and do they have more scope? Today I will tell you all in this article.

So let's start making money through freelancing? 

A lot of people search on the internet how to earn money from freelancing so the first thing they see in the website is that they have to provide some service there. When they see themselves  they think that I could not have any knowledge. I don't know what we will do. And they was very upset. 

So don't worry at all, I will share the topics with you in this article today.

If you learn one skill out of 6 you will  earn good amount of money per month through freelancing.

Top demanding skills in 2021 || Top demanding skills in Pakistan  

1. Article writing 

In article writing you are given a topic on which you have written an article. You have to write this article in your own words, but you have to get help to write this article from the internet. This skill has great demand all over the world. If you provide services related to Article writing on freelancing websites, then insha'Allah you can earn very good money from this freelancing skills. If you do not find client ralated to this skill then you can create your own website on blogger or on wordpress  and put articles on it and you are start making a good amount of money through this skill.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Friends did you know that search engine optimization is one of those skills which has too much demand in 2021. There was a lot of demand for it in 2020 too but as people are finding out, people are running towards it and start providing services related to SEO.

There are many articles on Google related to SEO and there courses are also easily available on YouTube for free in all languages you have to learn. You can search on YouTube by typing SEO and find many courses on YouTube related to it And start learning these skill. You will learn this skill easily in two to six months.

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing) 

SMM is a skill where You have to market products on social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, tumble, etc all these social media apps comes in these skill. You have to post in all the social media accounts for the publicity of your product. You have to reply to the People on social media. This is actually related to OR a form of digital marketing. If you learn this is kill this is a very demanding skill and you don't have to do any course for it because it is related to daily usage social media apps. All you have to learn some things  in this skill like how to manage social media apps, how to optimise social media apps, how to marketing on social media apps, how to run ads on social media ads etc So you guys can make a lot of money from this skill. 

4. Video editing 

There is a lot of demand in the skill of video editing all around the world. Every YouTuber needs a video editor now in these days. Those who have already learned this skill they are earning from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 a month from this one person through video editing in home. Leaning Video editing skills is no a big problem. You can easily learn this skill in 10 to 15 days through YouTube by sitting at home. If you learn video editing skills, you can now make a lot of money both at the international level and at the local level.

5. UI or UX designing (User Interface or User Experience) 

This is the branch of graphic designing. The demand for this skill is very high at the international level because it uses when you are designing an application or a software. In this skill you have to creates a user interface that a user has to use. This is a very simple skill, you can now easily learn this skill on YouTube within fifteen to twenty days.

6. Graphics designing

This is a evergreen skill it means that There is a lot of demand for it in every age of meaning. You have to learn Adobe Photoshop for the best graphic designing. You can easily learn Adobe Photoshop by seeing YouTube videos in any language you want. if you learn this software you can easily start earnings from this Graphic designing  skill. Graphic designing has too much branches. You can do a lot of things by learning graphics designing. For example you can stay logo designing in graphic designing, you can design cards with the help of graphic designing,  you can design wedding cards, you can design  Social media post, you can design instagram stories,   you can design clints card etc and much more things you can do just learning graphic designing.

Hope these skills will help you a lot if you like this is skills please share it with your friends. Thank you.

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