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6 simple and easy money saving tips for Students ||How to save money in 2021 || Tips for saving money in 2021

6 simple and easy money saving tips for Students  ||How to save money in 2021 || Tips for saving money in 2021 

Hi friends how are you hope you will all are fine today for the public of Advanced tips for tricks I bring up a new article for you.

In this article I am going to tell you 6 simple and easy e methods to save money in student life.

Money saving is a activities that every man woman and child and student everyone do it in their life. If you are a student and you're lives too far away from your house and lives in a hostel so money saving is a very much important task for you. There are few students who do part-time jobs in addition to their studies and with the income of job they bear their own expenses. And there are some students who are fully dependent on the pocket money their parents gave them. Sometimes there is a time come in their life that they cannot manage their expenses with the pocket money so money saving is a very much important thing in a student life.

So today in this article I am going to tell you some simple tips and ways to you save your pocket money.

So let's get started.

Method No 1. Make a budget 

Making a Budget is a very much important factor for saving money. No matter if you are a house wife or a husband or a student you have to make a budget if you want to save money.

There are some categories in the budget like monthly budget, weekly budget and daily budget. It's up to you there which type of category of budget you have to follow to save money. As a student there are two important benefits of a making budget.

Benefits No 1.  Making of budget will helps in making track records of every spending.

Benifts No 2.  Making of budgets helps in making track records of unwanted expenses.

Method No 2. Reduce your Functions/Parties

Many students have a habit  that they will go out with their friends for a hang out or on a parties or on different functions. If you go to an expensive restaurant to eat with your friends every week or in 2 to 3 days a week, you will definitely have to spend there and on the other hand you can save that cost by reducing your outgoings or in the restaurants. You will suffer two disadvantages if you go and eat at restaurants or outside. 

1. You are losing your all pocket money which you saves for your other expensive.

2. You get fat by eating outside and also you become sick after sometime.

So stop doing this thing and save your pocket money for some other expenses.

Method No 3. Spend less money 

Most of the time when students are hungry they ordered outside fast and junk food to reduce their hunger. If you are a student and you will spend daily some money on this fast and junk food  so after sometime There are two major disadvantages or side effect you have to ready to suffer for that. 

Side effects No 1. If you daily spend at least 30 to 50 rupees on junk food you are spending 1500 Rs monthly on that. 

Side effects No 2. Eating out side junk and fast food daily causes you to gain weight fast and it is not right for you at all.

So instead of eating outside junk and fast food I will prefer that you can eat some fruits or drink some juices which are currently and easily available at home. compared to junk food this will be cheaper for you and will easily fulfill your temporary hunger and you will easily save your money.

Method No 4. Use public transport 

There are too much people in the world which tease their parents to buy a bike for them and they can easily go to their college and school. Getting a scooter or a bike makes your transportation much easier, but it will directly impacts on your pocket money. You must know that the price of petrol keeps increasing day by day because many times we have to refuel our tank from our pocket money and will lose our all savings on it. So it would be right for you to use public transport as much as possible when you going to your school or college. 

Method No 5. Cut out your All bad habits. 

If you smoke or drink alcohol on the daily basis you will not be able to save your pocket money or or you will not marriage your other expenses and sometimes you have to borrow some money from your friend or from parents. If a cigarette is of 10 rupees and you you are smoking daily 2 to 3 cigarettes you are losing your 25 to 30 rupees Daily on it. Smoking Cigarettes and drinking alcohol will not benefit you, but it will But it will hurt you a lot.

So If you smoke all drink I will strongly recommend you to stop these bad habit and you will save a good amount of money by skipping this bad habit. 

Method No 6. Avoid buying expensive clothes 

In real life there are too much students which buy expensive brands clothes and were it while they are going to college. It's really important to look goods at college and in office but it is not very important to spend a lot of money on buying a good at expensive clothes. if you have some grooming knowledge then you can also looks good and handsome in normal clothes. if you have to save some money you have to avoid these expensive and brands clothes when you are a student.

So these are some tips and methods you can follow these to save your money if you are a student so I hope that this article will helps you a lot if it will helps you please share it with your friends so they can also save their pocket money. Thank.

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