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6 mistakes that every Beginner youtuber makes

 6 mistakes that every Beginner youtuber makes

Hello friends, how are you? Hope you all are fine. Today, from Advance tips & tricks, I am going to tell you about the mistake that every YouTube does in the beginning of its YouTube Channel.

Today I will tell you six mistakes if you are thinking of working on YouTube or working on All Ready YouTube. If you are not doing any of these things to my shells then InshAllah you will definitely succeed on youtube And you guys will make a lot of money from YouTube. What is this thing and why do these people do it? Today I will tell you all this in this article. 

So let's start with the success of YouTube. Many people create channels on YouTube but they are not successful. What is its main reason? The six tips What I'm going to tell you today is that people aren't successful on YouTube. If you want to start a good career on YouTube, don't forget to follow my these six tips.

1. The first mistake that every youtuber does in the beginning is that they make an excuse that we don't have a good camera, we don't have a good mic, we don't have a good computer or laptop to make videos on YouTube. We don't have the skill of video editing, We don't have a good lighting setup to make YouTube videos etc And if they start a YouTube channel, they go to market and buy a lot of expensive things that they don't know how to use, like a mega computer, an expensive laptop, an expensive camera, an expensive lighting set etc And as much as he has his own pocket money, he will spend it to buy all the expensive things to start a new YouTube channel. 

Go to YouTube and be the first to watch those YouTubers videos that have 20 million, 30 million, or 50 million subscribers. If you watch their first video, you will know that they didn't have a expensive lighting setup, they didn't have a expensive computer, they didn't have a expensive camera to shoot video because they know that over time everything will change and you will work on youtube you will not be there then you can take whatever you want. You never have to make the mistake of buying expensive thing for YouTube videos. If you make this mistake you will never succeed on YouTube. 2.13

2. Number 2 Mistakes that every YouTuber do in the beginning that They Don't Know What to Do After Creating a YouTube Channel or they did not know  about their own plan ot they did not have any plan what should we now upload on our YouTube channel And they don't know their way to what I have to do on my YouTube channel now, for what purpose I created the YouTube channel. He has taken an expensive computer, he bye a expensive laptop, he has also bought a camera and also bought an expensive lighting setup for YouTube videos, but he does not know what to do now. You should never make the mistake of creating your own channel on YouTube without first thinking. The first thing you have to do is sit down and ask yourself a question what you guys are interested in. What are you good at? 

And when you guys create a channel on YouTube of your choice, you will enjoy making videos on YouTube and you will not get bored with YouTube. 


3. The third mistake I am gonna tell you that should every youtuber do in the beginning is (sub 4 sub). They created there own channel and started uploading videos on it and after a couple of weeks, they see that the subscribers is not coming, then they go under the videos of others YouTubers and write in the comments, sub for sub, that means , you subscribe to me then i will subscribe to you. Due to this trick, the people subscribe your YouTube channel quickly, but all these subscribers they Gain with this method are useless because With such these types of subscriber you can't get any advantages because you didn't getting any views on your YouTube videos with your subscriber. YouTube does not recommend this methods but If you really want to market your youtube videos then tell people in your videos to like your videos, share your videos and subscribe to your channel this is the best marketing method that YouTube recommend. So never make this type of mistake like Exchange subscribers or sub 4 sub because these methods are useless. This is a very bad thing that every youtube does in the beginning.

4.  YouTube algorithm. Most of the  beginners have no idea what is YouTube's algorithm is and how YouTube works You can create a channel without thinking or you can create a channel based on what you have heard Then you say we have no Views on our channel Because they don't even know that YouTube is also running on an algorithm, YouTube is another search engine, When your title is good, your description is good, your tags are good and your thumbnails is good, then Viewers will come, you will get likes on your videos, you will know it that you are making good videos on YouTube, then your get success fastly on YouTube.  

5. The number four mistake that every youtuber makes is that they don't stay consistent. For example you made a channel on YouTube with great interest, it uploaded videos continuously for five days. After working on YouTube continuously five days they saw that the views did not come, then they leave making videos on YouTube. A big amount of People don't succeed on YouTube because they didn't make videos regularly on YouTube. If you didn't work, regularly on YouTube then you will never find success on YouTube. The more regular you are on YouTube, the more your success rate will grow to be successful on YouTube.

6. The number six mistake is that you don't have any type of fan following on social media anywhere. And no one knows you On social media Like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. But still you guys start a channel on youtube. A lot of people in Pakistan ask me a question that (oh, bro this and that channel on YouTube growing very fastly on YouTube).  

My brother, this channel is a quick success on YouTube because they have a huge social media wing, so they are also get a quick success on YouTube. 

So never do these 6 mistakes. If you start a channel on YouTube, if you make these six mistakes, you can never succeed on YouTube. If you don't make these six mistakes, you will be successful in 2021 on Youtube channel, God willing. 

Inshallah this article will definitely helps you if you like it than please share it with your friends who have created a channel on youtube. 

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